Benefits Systems

Employers Win / Employees Win

Leverage the right benefit administration platform to streamline your day-to-day and annual tasks, improve access to benefits information and reporting, and enhance employee communication.  

Today there are plenty of options for benefits administration platforms to drive greater efficiencies and communication.  But which platform is best for your organization?  And what workflows need to be built around the technology to make it really shine?

Leveraging our experience across multiple benefits administration platforms, we can guide the evaluation, implementation and management of a new system for you. We work to identify unstructured processes and replace those with new intelligent workflows and systems. Whether you have something already in place, or we implement a new system, the advantages are clear, including:

  • Easier to offer and manage all benefits
  • Streamlined onboarding process
  • Paperless enrollments
  • Better, customized employee communication
  • Increased employee participation and satisfaction
  • Improved access for spouses to stay informed

Maxwell Health – Best in Class

Although we will help manage and support various systems, we do have a preferred partner – Maxwell Health. After an extensive vetting process, we concluded that Maxwell Health delivers a best-in-class employee and HR experience. The Maxwell Health platform offers the best combination of a modern user experience, system reliability, and ease of customization. It also enables us, on behalf of our clients, to take full ownership of the implementation and ongoing management of the system, ensuring that everything runs smoothly to deliver the expected results.


With Maxwell Health, participants ultimately make smarter decisions. Smarter decisions net better value for both the employee and the employer – a win-win.